Eric O. Scott (lofro) wrote,
Eric O. Scott

So you may be aware of the "historian" David Barton. He's Mike Huckabee's idol, and has quite a bit of traction with conservative Christian politicians. One point he has attested to is the idea that "paganism and witchcraft were never intended to receive the protections of the Religion Clauses" of the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment.(Source) He was on the Daily Show last week, and shows up quite a bit elsewhere in the media, and that Christian provincialism hasn't really been challenged.

There's currently a drive on Facebook to try and get Jason Pitzl-Waters, Washington Post columnist and the author of the Wild Hunt blog invited to the Daily Show to set some facts straight. Mr. Pitzl-Waters is an excellent journalist and a thoroughly researched critic of Barton. I have no idea if our little campaign of Facebooking and letter-writing is really going to attract Jon Stewart's attention, but it's a nice thought, and maybe it'll do some good in exposing some of the ridiculous and dangerous positions Barton's giving. I don't particularly want a guy claiming I shouldn't have first amendment protection for my religion advising presidential candidates unopposed.

Facebook page

Comedy Central contact page for letters
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