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Eric O. Scott
20 June
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Hi there! I'm Eric O. Scott. I'm a memoirist, fiction writer, a graduate student, a gamer, and a rock and roll enthusiast.

I've written two novels (a man known only as "Poppa Bear" really likes one of them) and a bunch of poems, short stories, and memoir. Three Encounters with the Gods appeared in Ashe! The Journal of Experimental Spirituality; Hrafspa, Lughnasadh, and Valhal-Mart have appeared on Killing the Buddha; and "Reaching for Da'at" appeared in Caper Literary Journal.

I play guitar, bass, and I sing for a band called The Yellow Emperors. I also write most of the songs.

Personality-wise? I think I can be a philosophical somnambulist, a snarky asshole, and a romantic. If you want to know me, I suggest you read some of my work -- though with the caveat that I am a writer and therefore somewhat suspect.

You can see a whole bunch of my stories and poems if you look at this post. Fair warning: most of the stories have been friends-locked, seeing as I'm actually publishing a few things now.